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Working with First Choice Insurance of Texas is easy...

How WE work for YOU!



We begin with a conversation with you and by asking and answering questions we come to be able to understand your insurance needs.

Today your insurance needs may be limited to protect your home and personal property along with auto insurance to protect you and your family in the event of an automobile accident. Or you may own rental property the you want to protect.  Or you might own a business and need to provide insurance to protect your business interests. With this in mind, some of the topics we might discuss would include questions such as, "Do you own a home?", "Have rental property?","what automobiles do you own?", "Please describe your business",
"Do have dependents you need to provide for in the event of a tragedy?"

At the conclusion of the conversation, we convert the conversation into insurance coverages, and then we shop for the
best insurance value that meets your insurance needs.  Some of the criterion we use when shopping includes:

   1.  Selecting policies only from top ranked insurance carriers
   2.  Taking every action needed to ensuring you get the best discounts
   3.  Identifying policies that will continue to meet your insurance needs over time.

Once we have identified the best insurance options, we sit down with you and review each option to ensure that the policies
we are offering  that meet your insurance needs. Also, we provide you with written quotes so you will be able to hold
in your hand what we are offering and be able see and compare the various options.  We will answer all of your questions
and then, only after you are ready, do we complete any application and bind coverage. 

Binding Coverage

  Binding Coverage is simple; the steps are:

  1. Complete the application; in most cases this is virtually complete as we have been building the
      application during the quoting process.
  2. Drafting correspondence needed to ensure you are not "double covered".  Put another way, We draft
      a courteous letter(s) that you sign and we fax to your soon to be ex-insurance company.
  3. Arrangements for payments are completed.  This includes taking down payments, setting-up electronic
      funds transfers for down payments and future payments if this is the payment plan you select.
4. Signing, initialing, and dating the application. We provide you with your choice of a paper and/or digital copy of
all of the documents we have signed, initialed, and dated as well as provide you with any temporary coverage documents
(such as Proof of Insurance cards for you autos) that you need.

Referrals are the best way to let your Independent Insurance Agent know that you happy with the service and work you have received from their agency.  Nothing says "Thank you" like a referral because, we understand the trust you are placing in us when you recommend our agency to your friends and families.